The Three Hares - A Curiosity Worth Regarding

Tom Greeves, Sue Andrew and Chris Chapman
With contributions from David Singmaster, Laurie Smith and Richard Westcott

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From fifteenth-century rural churches in deepest Devon to sixth-century cave temples on the edge of the Gobi desert in China, this new book follows its three authors - Tom Greeves, Sue Andrew and Chris Chapman - over a period of twenty-five years or more, on the tantalising trail of a mysterious medieval motif. The motif - three hares running in a circle sharing three ears which form a triangle at the centre of the design - is a paradox, for although only three ears are depicted each beast has two.

Along the way, a modern Devon myth is exposed, and the Three Hares in the sacred art of Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism are explored, and tentatively explained, before the trail leads into the Islamic world, and the great Mongol Empire. The creative spirit which gave form to the Three Hares in the medieval period, and which survived conflict and conquest, manifests itself in modern times and the inspirational work of contemporary craftspeople is presented. Contributions from specialist authors on puzzles, geometry, and number bring the book full circle. The book is richly illustrated with photographs of people and place, and of exquisite, rare and precious artefacts held in private collections. Unusually, the book also gives a valuable insight into the photographic method.

Peter Beacham OBE, former Heritage Protection Director for English Heritage, writes:
This book is a revelation. What begins as a personal quest of the three authors to discover more about a curious motif found in the medieval roofs of some modest Devon churches develops into an unexpected odyssey, sustained over decades, which takes them across continents and into many different cultures and faiths. Exploring beyond ever widening horizons as they pursue the extraordinarily diverse manifestations of this humble yet haunting image, their tale is rich in human encounter and cultural discovery, diligently researched, thoughtfully and engagingly told, and beautifully illustrated.

ISBN: 978-0-9931039-2-6 Hardback: 250 x 245mm, 368 pages, 326 illustrations. Weight: 2.156 kg. Full colour throughout, full colour dustjacket. Price: £50.00

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