Nethercott: a celebration of 30 years

I was delighted to accept this commission from Farms for City Children. The late James Ravilious was a good friend and a wonderful photographer, and I felt it would be fascinating to record the changes around Nethercott since James took his photographs in the 1970's.

What I hadn't bargained for was how difficult it is to photograph children. The old adage, 'never work with children or animals', kept ringing in my ears and I found myself running about desperately trying to capture the moment. However Nethercott is an inspiring place. To see children thrive in these surroundings, working together as a team, learning about having responsibility for both the animals and themselves, and coming face to face with the realities of farming and the inevitable hard work that accompanies the job, fills me with admiration.

In an age where we are in danger of losing our link with the land, and all the richness that entails, Farms for City Children does an excellent job and I would recommend every school to take a long look at what it has to offer. This is education at its best - for both pupil and teacher.

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Chris Chapman

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Chris Chapman
Photo: © David Hurn

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