The Three Hares, A Curiosity Worth Regarding

  Three Hares share three ears, yet each beast has two, following each other in an eternal circle. This richly illustrated book tells the story of a 25-year quest, which began in Devon in South West England, to explore, across much of Eurasia, the origins, transmission, use and survival of this charming, enigmatic and sometimes geometrically precise motif.

From their earliest recorded presence in sixth-century Buddhist caves in China, to the Christian abbeys and churches of medieval western Europe, embracing the Islamic world and Judaism as well, the Three Hares are given sacred and special status in diverse cultures, including that of the Mongol Empire. Examples are given of work by artisans inspired by the Three Hares for more than 1400 years. Undoubtedly the motif is 'A Curiosity Worth Regarding'.

The 'three hares' motif is an ancient mystery for our time..... A warning against sin? Or a way to advertise good fortune? A fascinating book ranges from Devon to China in its search for the origin of an enigmatic image.

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Life on a Dartmoor Scrapyard - The Later Years

Peggy Harris's highly successful first book, Life on a Dartmoor Scrapyard: The Early Years tells the story of her life growing up near Chagford on the legendary Lettaford scrapyard owned by her father, Sam Harris. Sam - whose reputation spread far beyond the bounds of Dartmoor, and who is remembered with great affection - died in 1988, so it might be easy to think that's where the story ends. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sam may have gone; the scrapyard may be a mere shadow of its former self; but quite the opposite can be said of Peggy.

Her latest book, illustrated with personal images and photographs by Chris Chapman, recalls Peggy's struggle to move on into adulthood and to make a life for herself and her daughter Clare in the face of great adversity. Some of what is here makes tough reading, but even during the darkest days Peggy's resilience and strength of character shine through.

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